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Introducing Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search

At Dropbox, we’ve long believed in AI’s potential to completely transform knowledge work…

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Tomorrow Lab makes the products of the future today

The SymplBrush looks like a product that shouldn’t exist—an oddly shaped electric toothbrush…

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How three organizations are using AI to level up their work

It’s not an understatement to say AI has taken the world by storm. More than one million people…

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Introducing new tools for the next generation of knowledge work

Dropbox Dash is now in open beta, plus AI enhancements, a redesigned web experience…

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How will virtual meetings evolve in the age of AI?

In our new Working Smarter series, we hear from AI experts about how…

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Study: Here’s how many hours we lose to distraction—and how to get our focus back

Is there anything more elusive than trying to find focus at work? Messages and meetings compete…

"What I most enjoyed about Dash is its instantaneous impact on my routine. I save several minutes each time I need to find a file, load an app, open a bookmarked webpage, or join a Zoom meeting. These extra abilities have led me to completely replace Spotlight with Dash. In a short time, it has integrated so transparently into my workflow that I find myself using Dash without consciously realizing it."

Christopher Smith
Director of Web Services

"Dash has made switching workflows easier and helped me get to work faster. I love that it groups your conversations, files and meetings together so you can be organized effortlessly."

Sergey Faleev
Senior IT Manager at ProcedureFlow

"I love how Dash gets me closer to the apps and tools I use every day."

Matt Gittleman
Investment Director

"What’s most valuable and impactful to me about Dash is the amount of leverage it gives me. I use some tools that will save me 20 minutes a day or an hour a week, but there are very few tools that will save me 15 to 20 seconds a hundred times a day."

Dexter Horthy
Senior Product Manager at Replicated

“I can see Stacks being very useful especially if I don't have to curate Stacks. I want something to just learn my flows and present ways of executing those flows faster.”

Craig Smith
Lecturer of Computer Science at University of New Hampshire

“I love the search feature, especially with the desktop app, you can do a broad search. I always struggle with trying to find files because I keep some files on my desktop, some within Dropbox, and others in emails. So it’s great to have that one place to search across everything.”

Rand Hastings
Chief Executive Officer at GalenLogic
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Dropbox Dash Security

Dropbox Dash is AI-powered universal search that helps speed up the way you work across all your applications.

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Dropbox Privacy Practices

Personal data plays a huge part in society and the economy. At Dropbox, trust is the foundation of our relationship with customers around the world.

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Dropbox Data Protection

In order to protect customer data, Dropbox takes comprehensive measures to protect information, train employees in privacy practices and build a culture where trust is the highest priority.

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