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You’ve got questions about your work. Dropbox Dash has answers.

Instead of wasting time digging into your open tabs and sifting through agenda docs, let Dash find answers for you. Just ask Dash a question, and Dash will gather and summarize the answer from your content: docs, files, emails, and more.

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Get answers, faster

Ask Dash a question to find the answer from within your content, both inside or outside of your Dropbox files.

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Answer with confidence

Dash can access, analyze, and help pull answers from within docs, PDFs, and much more.

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Stay a step ahead

Stay focused on work that matters by keeping important info just a few clicks away.

Get more done with less effort

Now, you can quickly get answers to questions that would typically require inefficient searching and scanning. Dash can search your own knowledge base to locate the information you need.

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Answer with confidence

Get your information from a trusted source, provided transparently alongside your answer. Dash responds with answers from your own content and connected apps so you are aware of where the relevant info is coming from.

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Solve blockers efficiently

Find more answers on your own with Dash. Ask a question, or just right-click a doc to get an instant summary so you can analyze key points and save time.

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Explore more Dash features to transform your day

Universal Search

Dash features universal search capabilities designed to help you pick up right where you left off.


Go beyond what’s possible with folders and bookmarks by keeping content from anywhere organized just how you want it.


Learn more about Dropbox Dash security and how Dash keeps your data and information secure.

Find the answers you need, faster.

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Dash is currently in beta and available in English only.