Adding apps

How to connect your most used apps

Which apps does Dash support?

You can see the full list of apps Dash currently supports by logging in to Dash on the web and visiting the apps page at

We’ll continue to add more apps over time. Looking for a specific one? Let us know!

How does Dash sync my data?

When you add a new connector to Dash, it begins syncing content immediately so you can start searching the app content right away. Since Dash relies on APIs from the third party apps you add (such as Microsoft or Google), the time to sync can vary. Dash will prioritize syncing these documents first:

  • Recently created
  • Recently accessed
  • Recently updated
  • Documents you recently commented on
  • Recently shared with you

Once the first sync is complete, Dash will periodically sync with apps to make sure your content is up to date. Looking for info about a specific app? See the detailed sync times by app section below.

How much data does Dash store?

Dash stores up to six months' worth of data. This may vary depending on your team or a specific app’s data storage policy.

Have questions on adjusting how much data Dash stores? Reach out to our Customer Experience (CX) Support for any questions.

Syncing details by app

See below for the specific details of the most commonly synced apps to Dash. Looking for details about a different app? Contact our support team.

App name
How often does Dash sync?
What does Dash sync from the app?
Every 30 minutes
Your account info, folders and files (including their related sharing permissions, when it was created, updated, etc.)
Google Calendar
Every 15 minutes
Events from your primary calendar, and any specific secondary calendars you’ve granted access to
Google Drive
Every 30 minutes
Files (including their related sharing permissions, when it was created, updated, etc.)
Every 30 minutes
Account info, emails, and sender details
Every 30 minutes
Emails, account info, and sender details 
Outlook Calendar
Every 15 minutes
All calendars, including holidays, sender, invitees, and your user details
Every 30 minutes
Folders and files (including their related sharing permissions, users, when it was created, updated, etc.)

What if I want to access something older that isn’t stored in Dash?

If you need to access content through Dash that is older than 6 months or beyond the threshold of what Dash stores, we are sometimes able to use third-party APIs to sync that specific content. Searching older content in Dash may take a bit more time than content that falls within the supported time threshold.

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