Privacy and Security

Details on how your data is stored and protected

How does Dash store data from the apps I add?

To help you find items across apps fast, Dash creates and stores a copy of content that is synced from your apps, and leaves the original file untouched. If you sync an app to Dash, Dash will never change the original item.

What data does Dash collect about me and how is it collected?

Dash only collects data that is needed to provide you access, debug the product in case anything goes wrong, give you feature access in Dash, and improve the product.

We collect data when you:

  • Visit our marketing website
  • Log in to Dash on web, desktop, or in the extension
  • Provide us with access directly to help support you
  • Add an app to Dash
Where we collect it
What we collect
How we use it
On our marketing website
Device and usage data 
  • Where you are accessing our marketing website from
  • What pages you visited or spent time on
  • To adhere to our regional privacy policies
  • To improve and customize our services
When you log in to Dash web, desktop or extension
Usage data
  • What features you are most
  • If you’re running into any issues
  • To improve and customize our services
Provide us with access directly to help support you
Usage statistics or to reconstruct viewed UI elements
  • Email used to log in with Dash
  • Your Dropbox plan or team name
  • To improve and customize our services
Add an app to Dash
Stored content title and metadata, based on permissions
  • Dependent on the app you add, but typically includes the title, content, and timestamp for when created, updated or last accessed
  • To help you find and answer questions across all your apps

How does Dash protect my data?

We do our best to protect the data we collect from anyone who shouldn’t have access. As a Dropbox product, we are committed to protecting your data and keeping it secure—hundreds of millions of users and businesses trust Dropbox for their most important information.

We understand that trusting a company with your most personal data is a serious consideration. Here’s what we do to make sure your data is secure:

  • We encrypt all data stored in Dash and Dropbox so no one has access to it
  • We are SOC2-compliant (Type 2) taking the most secure measures as a team to protect your data

How does Dash use my data?

Dash uses data to:

  • Provide you with certain features
  • Improve and customize our experiences
  • Debug and maintain our platform

Some data is shared with our AI partners, OpenAI, in order to provide you with certain features you use in Dash, such as doc summarization or stack suggestions. We also use data to help improve the quality of our AI-powered features. When we use data for either purpose, it is anonymized and not traceable to you.

Our promise to you:

  • We will never sell your data
  • Employees at Dropbox can’t access your data unless you explicitly give them permission to (e.g., when speaking to Customer Support).
  • Your content remains your own—confidential or proprietary data is always yours, and protecting it is our top priority.
  • We’ll never alter the content, home, or organization of your content in the original app unless you’ve directly asked us to.

In order to continue providing you with our services, your data is stored as long as you have an account or have maintained the connection to an app. If you disconnect an app, all your data connected to that app is removed from Dash.

How can I remove my data from Dash?

To remove your data from Dash, simply disconnect your apps. To do so, navigate to ‘Apps’ in the navigation menu, or go to

In the connected section, click or tap the ‘…’ and then, click ‘Disconnect’. Dash will remove all your data.

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